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This site ( is dedicated to read the Scriptures and to listen to him in different languages line by line.


By pressing bright buttons with abbreviations ("cze", "eng", "fin", "fre", "ger", "gre", "ita", "lat", "lav", "lit", "pol", "por", "rus", "spa", "swe", "ukr"), you can select the language that is used for site notes.
By pressing light blue button "Choice of book", "Choice of chapter", "Choice of languages", "Turning off, on of languages", "Other settings", you open the corresponding choice from the menu.
Under "Choice of languages" you can select the language for the display text of Scripture in the main window (no more than 6 languages). The language chosen by pressing the blue button with the name of the language.
Under "Turning off, on of languages", pressing the boxes in the columns "Sound", "Text" of the table, you can turn off and turn on the appropriate language audio or text.
A checked box means that the sound or text is on.
An unchecked box means that the sound or text is turned off.
Under "Other settings", you can choose the volume (1 - lowest volume, 4 - the largest volume), pauses between the lines and the font size, the text of Scripture is displayed in the main window.
In this column, by pressing the light blue button "Download audio", you can download the selected chapter audio in selected languages (only in the languages in which the sound is turned on).
By pressing the light button "<", you can hide the selection panes that more space would remain the main window. Revert selection panes, you can press the light button ">".
In the main window the selected scripture verse appears darker red color.
By pressing Scripture line, which is not selected, select it.
By pressing Scripture row that is selected, you start to play it (only if the language sound is turned on).
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